Thought Field Therapy (TFT)

Opportunity for you to tap into better health!
Message from Val.

If you are ready, or even if you think you are not, it IS possible to release that past stuff or any fears or anything that is not serving you, such as self-limiting beliefs.

However, Letting GO is easier said than done! How do you do it? Do you want to release it? So very often we are blocking ourselves- you know getting in our own way!

Through my training in Thought Field Therapy (TFT) with Dr Roger Callahan I have learned about what he calls Psychological Reversal, how to correct it, then the release can flow and the negative thoughts/emotions dissolve.

TFT is a safe, user friendly, easy to learn for yourself form of Energy Medicine, because you are energy, energy vibrating.

Experience effective and instantaneous results without having to go through years of therapy.

Your health is in your hands and with Meridian Tapping literally at your finger tips.

TFT Tapping Meridians

Rapidly and effectively Thought Field Therapy (TFT) can help you remove:

Phobias– fear of flying, fear of heights, fear of needles/blood/hospitals, fear of spiders/snakes/insects, fear of public speaking/exams/tests, fear of anything.

Anxiety– caused by relationships, stress, job, fears, panic attacks, jet-lag, low self esteem, lack of confidence, depressive mood, feeling not good enough, feeling unworthy.

Trauma– past and present. abuse, assault, a victim of crime, rape, or a car accident, house fire, memories of war, childhood incidents. Grief caused by the loss of a loved one or pet. Any upsetting memories no matter how old, any thoughts that continue to cause distress. Clearing a current or past hurt, disappointment or anger resulting from past emotional trauma or negative experiences in life.

Personal problems– self harm, anger, feelings of guilt, shame, loneliness, self judgement, upset at the end of a relationship, embarrassment, low self esteem, blushing, obsession, negative behaviour, negative thoughts, social phobia, all eating problems, comfort eating, sugar cravings.

Addictive urge for– chocolate, food, drink or smoking. Dealing with Toxins -Improving sensitivities and intolerances to foods, chemical substances, pesticides, herbicides, inhaled toxins, air pollutants, radiation, medical drugs, pharmaceutical by-products, etc

Individual Energy Toxins:

A toxin can affect the Autonomic Nervous Energy System, causing a literal reversal of energy flow. This in turn can influence the way a person feels and behaves; they can become negative or self-absorbed, either hyper-active or fatigued and generally loose positive will power. This self-sabotaging state is known as Psychological Reversal.

This self-sabotaging ‘reversal’ can have an adverse effect on ANY form of treatment, not just TFT. Successful TFT can be undone by an ingested or inhaled toxic substance. People suffering from complex problems like Depression or OCD, and those who stop smoking for a while and then start again or who are constantly losing weight and putting it back on, are usually being affected by toxins.

Toxins can be the trigger of panic attacks, migraines, asthma or heart attack.

Toxins do not discriminate, and although they only affect a minority of people, they can influence anyone and everyone, but for those who are affected toxins can be absolutely devastating. Toxins can be food or drink, such as wheat or coffee, or things we smell, such as perfumes, tobacco smoke or washing powder.

When a Toxin blocks treatment, TFT can test and temporary neutralise the substance during a treatment session, to allow TFT treatment to work and hold over time.

Personal Development & Spiritual Evolution

Cleansing experiences the soul has gathered throughout all life streams from persistent fearful elements, including the idea and concept that we are separate from and not one with Spirit, God, our Creator or our Higher Self.

Setting the preconditions for you to resolve your karmic issues not through pain and suffering, but through creativity and joy.

Heal your past and look to the future again.

Understanding and transforming any obstacles to fulfilling your desires, such as selling a house, getting a dream job or enhancing your gifts and spiritual development, into opportunities for growth, learning, clearing and healing.

Resolving any other difficulties or barriers in life by ‘converting’ them into the useful blessings that they are.

Thought Field Therapy can be life changing and extremely beneficial. If you have any questions about Thought Field Therapy or to book with me go to the contact section.

You can download or view my Thought Field Therapy Leaflet by clicking here: TFT Leaflet

Coming for a Session or Using Skype

Energy and information are the sole components of everything in the universe. Our thoughts literally matter!

Our thoughts have energy fields, hence the name THOUGHT FIELD THERAPY (TFT) which involves TAPPING on meridian endings.

In a typical TFT session specific (acupressure/meridian) points are tapped with the fingers in a precise sequence whilst the individual focuses their thoughts on their problem. Although this approach appears to be lacking in face validity, most people notice an immediate and dramatic improvement in the way they feel immediately following its application.

TFT addresses the root cause of negative emotion by deactivating information in the Body’s Energetic Field or Thought Field.

This simple, safe, benign and user-friendly Tapping Therapy that is so instantaneously effective can give you freedom from your emotional baggage and self-limiting beliefs without having to go through years of therapy.

“This is a modality that would benefit every human being on the planet!”

On-going follow up is only sometimes required, and as far as possible Val encourages clients to learn how to self-treat. Only occasionally is something like a phobia re-instated (usually by toxins) when it has been successfully cleared and it is possible to repeat treatment.