Thought Field Therapy Collarbone Breathing

Use this collarbone breathing exercise to clear your mind if you’re feeling overwhelmed or off-balance or there’s a lot going on in your mind. It’s very good for clearing the space, feeling more centered and balanced and it’s very calming and relaxing, so it’s a wonderful exercise to do before you’re giving a presentation, or if you’re just feeling there’s too much going on generally. As I say, it’s very calming and relaxing.

I sometimes recommend this to people if they’re having difficulty getting to sleep. You could do it while you’re laying back in bed or if you wake up in the night. Stay horizontal and don’t worry too much about which point you’re tapping on, just do this process.

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    1. You are welcome Peta Jane. Hope our paths cross before too long and in the meantime Happy Tapping and Happy Chinese New Year coming soon love Val X

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