TFT Testimonials

Freedom from negative emotions (six hours)

“Hi Val, I’m fine thank you.
I have been practicing the tapping. I am also vaguely aware of an apparent reluctance my mind appears to have in dwelling on some of those areas that have been giving me most angst before, difficult to explain but very welcome. Kind Regards”

Shock at liver cancer diagnosis for my son (two hours)

“I was in extreme shock at the liver cancer diagnosis for my son who has a young family to support. I was in a terrible state and could not stop crying and worrying. I was not sleeping.
The Tapping instantly helped me to calm down and feel more relaxed. Absolutely amazing, it has really helped me to be strong for Christopher.
Thank you so much Valerie.”

Client with back ache and emotional issues (six hours)

“TFT has facilitated big shifts. Back is improving significantly. My muscles have relaxed. I feel subconscious blocks have been released and am more connected with how I am feeling and able to communicate more easily. I feel much healthier and better in myself. Thank you.”

Changing relationship with alcohol (one session)

“I feel much happier and in control and now enjoy a sociable drink rather than using drinking when stressed as I used to. I have totally given up wine, which was the main problem.”

Freedom from negative emotions – (two hours)

“It has made an enormous difference. I got rid of [a] pile of anger, stress, hate. The feeling afterwards was amazing. It changed my life for better.”

Severe neck and shoulder pain (five x two hour sessions)

Recommendation by physiotherapist after failure to ameliorate severe neck and shoulder pain. Pain thought to be caused by seemingly intractable emotional difficulties.

“For the first time in my life I have understood that I am as valuable, lovable, respect worthy as any one else. I hope and believe that years of self harming including Anorexia, determined suicide attempts and minor defacements (like a schoolboy keeping a ‘good scab going’) are at an end.

I do feel extremely positive and as a result I have been sorting out and letting go several bags of books and a lot of rubbish that has accumulated in my studio too. Suddenly caring for my home – as my outer skin – has seemed important. Thank you Val so much.”

Val notes: Now that the issues causing pain have been looked at and released using TFT she has been able to play her clarinet, paint & draw for longer periods and tackle some gardening.


Letter from Jo

“As a recipient of Val’s expertise, I can say without reservation that I consistently feel so much better after my sessions with her.

On arrival I am welcomed with warmth, empathy in surroundings which inspire calm and trust. Val, during the shiatsu particularly inspires this essential latter quality in me.

She is gentle and powerful at one and the same time. I arrive, metaphorically speaking with ‘hat pins flying’ and leave somehow immeasurably lighter, redefined ‘hat pins in place’.”


Past childhood sexual abuse traumas, betrayal issues, anxiety over health and other issues (12 x one hour Treatments)

“Felt it being lifted away. all gone.” “black hole getting smaller, more colour” “sensation that something has lifted like being exorcised”. “no emotional attachment” “cannot grasp it- all white”

Freedom from negative emotions (two hours)

My reason for having TFT was for emotions to be less disruptive in daily life. I feel much less angry and stress based. Sweet cravings have disappeared which helps my general mood. Very impressed as I only had one 2hr session.

Val is very clear and easy to talk to. She explained everything well. I felt relaxed and enjoyed the session. TFT Tapping easy to use in a crisis as simple and quick. Would recommend highly.

Past childhood traumas, car accident and emergency surgery. The effects have been incremental over time. Initially I simply felt happier and relived to be doing something positive about these traumas which were affecting me nowadays more than I realised. After a few weeks I became aware that I was feeling much more energetic, positive and enthusiastic about things generally, as though I had more freedom to do things and it was less of a struggle to achieve things and get things done. In effect it was a bit like having a weight lifted that I didn’t really know was there. It was a great feeling to acknowledge this to myself.

The aim was to get rid of negative stuff, destructive thoughts and feel better about my life.

Oh my goodness words fail me. She was so amazingly good. She listened didn’t judge, understood, and my word she helped me more than she realises.

I feel different about problems that to me were stuck. I had sorted a lot out in my head but just couldn’t let go of the past. I have kept a diary for 26 years, religiously done it. Today out of the blue I thought why? It is so negative and binding. I was very desperate for help, so glad I went to see Val.


Detailed Thought Field Therapy (TFT) testimonial letter from Client. July 2008

I had been suffering from work related stress and anxiety caused by what initially appeared to be my mother’s cancer diagnosis. Over several years this anxiety/stress manifested itself into severe pains in the left rib cage and depression. For over a year I had been attending my G.P and who was unable to find a cause, numerous blood tests and scans revealed no abnormalities. Eventually diagnosed with depression I was prescribed anti-depressants and sleeping tablets. All of which had no positive effects. I had begun to see Val for Shiatsu which helped enormously. She suggested that I also tried some TFT and although very sceptical at the time I was willing to give it a try and must say how very glad I am that I did. Simple fears that had plagued me for years such as fear of hospitals and long car journeys disappeared in one session and although at the time I hadn’t really noticed a shift it was when I found myself in a one of these situations I suddenly became aware that I had not experienced any anxiety running up to that event or during.

A more complicated issue I had was related to a personal relationship which was connected to an event which happened way back in my teens; when we began tapping I became very emotional but I did not want to stop we continued tapping and as we did I began to feel this huge weight almost being dragged up through my body which was then followed by a feeling of peace and relief. I can only really describe it as a feeling of being exorcised. Although I still occasionally suffer from the rib pain it has changed from a fairly debilitating pain to a slight pain which comes and goes.

I am extremely grateful to Val, I no longer suffer with any of the anxieties which she treated and am relatively pain free; I feel like my life is beginning to get back on track. More recently she has given me a huge amount of strength through TFT to cope with what is now one of the biggest challenges a parent could ever face.