Phobia Freedom Testimonials

Phobia of tube and underground (one hour)

“Val, you are saving me a fortune! having had to always take taxis before my session, I’m now able to go by tube!”

Needle phobia (one hour)

“The TFT treatment has helped me to have several blood tests without any more anxiety. I feel calmer and less worried about having injections. I am now able to relate to the good experiences I have had recently rather than past negative experiences.”

Open road phobia (two hours)

“On a dual carriageway I overtook a lorry today and I’m going on roads that I used to avoid like the A12”. “I’m doing things in the car I’ve not done in ages!”

Driving anxiety and rodent phobia (two hours)

“My anxiety levels in a car, both driving and as a passenger have definitely improved. I don’t find the thought of mice & rats as terrifying now-more like unpleasant, but not likely to reduce me to tears. Just ‘go with it’ –you may not understand it, but it worked for me!”

Flying phobia (two hours)

“I was more relaxed during the whole flight from take off to landing even looking out of the window!! I enjoyed the flight”. At a later date “on TV I watched a roller coaster ride without feeling the usual nausea! Thank you so much! “

Flying phobia (one hour)

“Huge difference at airport. Felt totally calm and focused on therapy for first time ever no dread of stepping on the plane! My wife thinks it’s a miracle!”

Height phobia (one hour)

“Not so terrifying now. I was able to walk down steep steps to the beach!” “I came down all the escalators in John Lewis on my own, for the first time I was able to look down and feel OK” – formerly on escalators she would hold tightly onto her husband with her eyes closed.

Riding accident and fear of riding (one hour)

“Before the session my shaking and anxiety seemed to be making my horse nervous when I approached him. Now I’ve lost the terror, he’s calm and I enjoy being in the saddle again”

Spider phobia (one hour)

Jane: “I’m now able to pick up spiders and put them outside!”

Needle phobia (one hour)

This lady had been diagnosed with MS and was in a panic about having to inject herself with medication. At the beginning of the session she was shaking and crying at the thought of injections. After tapping the initial sequence she calmed considerably & by the end while holding a syringe in her hand and looking at it, she said she felt that she could “do it”. A few days later Angie sent me the following email:

“Hi Val, Was able to do the blood test, did not feel sick and like fainting afterwards!!!! I have been able to inject myself 4 times now. The first I felt quite faint afterwards, the second just a little bit faint and the third time not at all. Things are going well, I do not enjoy it. BUT I am able to self inject which is amazing. None of my family can believe it.”

Rock climbing anxiety (one hour)


Thank you for the email. It is such a relief to finally be doing what I have endeavored to do since leaving uni. I have actually been thinking about getting in contact with you for a while re. TFT session we had to give you some feed back.

Basically my life has revolved around climbing since being unemployed and since I saw you. For a while I was a little concerned you may have turned me into a monkey!

Whether it is down to the tapping or a development of confidence due to other reasons, I am not sure, but I am trying V4s and 5s, which is a bouldering grade I would never touch before.

So thanks a million for the free sesh, as I feel it probably did have an effect.”

Comments from clients after 1 or 2 sessions of TFT treating anxiety, tension and stress

“I’m feeling better in my body, much better mentally-more positive”.

“Weird! All gone. I cannot even relate to the upset now”

“I feel released and really good. Just fine about it now”

“Bizarre! It feels as if it’s been chucked miles behind me on the horizon! Considerably diluted. Picture now fuzzy” “I feel no intensity anymore”

“I can hardly remember it now – I feel no more upset at all”

“If I feel stressed at all I can use the TFT sequence and it helps greatly. Impressive! Highly recommended.”

“It still seems a weird technique, but definitely helpful”

“these TFT sessions have really been good for me. Still not sure how or why, but I needed to do something!! Thank you for all your help. I’ll continue using the tapping sequence for anxiety. I’m not connecting with these negative thoughts any longer”.

“I’m feeling more relaxed and calmer. Much better. The tapping really helps!”

“When thinking about the problem I no longer feel upset””the tapping sequence works well to reduce anxiety with immediate effect”

“The treatments made an instant difference in that I was able to take control of my anxiety. They didn’t necessarily put me to sleep, however they did take away the worry of not sleeping. I was able to lie awake until the early hours of the morning without fretting. I was still tired, but I was very much less anxious and I felt calmer in myself. I was hugely impressed with TFT and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others. As a profoundly anxious person, it was a revelation to discover something that made me feel so calm. For financial reasons I only had two treatments, I still use the sequence daily”.

Interview nerves (one hour)

“Dear Val, I am writing to thank you very much for the TFT sequences. It really does work very well. I feel so much better, once I have done them. I have had interviews and have done well and been offered the job. I hope the tapping sequences continue to be effective when I have lots going on. It is great!”

Exam phobia (one hour)

“How strange! it’s as if I never had a problem?! I felt relaxed before that last exam and felt just fine.”

Extreme anxiety when meeting ex partner, father of her child (two hours)

“Hello Valerie. I have to tell you that, since we met and had our session me and C got together with C’s dad and it went rather well felt relaxed, Keep tapping!!”

ECG anxiety (one hour)

“I am practising the tapping sequence and this makes me feel more relaxed when remembering my stay in the hospital and also I am confident I won’t “panic” when I have my next ECG.”

Claustrophobia (two hours)

“Extraordinary. I feel a different person without the fear of being trapped. V. free and confident. The session brought up a lot of emotional memories that I had forgotten and have now been cleared.

It is an extremely powerful approach to therapy and very effective in clearing past emotional patterns.”

Cat phobia demo at Framfield Medical Centre, Woodbridge

Clare kindly and willingly agreed to let me begin to treat her for her extreme phobia of cats as a demonstration in front of those who came along to my Thought Field Therapy Presentation on April 29th ’09 at Framfield Medical Centre.

Previously Clare would refuse to go inside a friend’s house if they had a cat. At restaurants Clare would worry constantly that they might have a cat. Eating outside, if she spotted a cat in a distant field she would have to leave the restaurant table being no longer able to eat and feeling nauseous. The only prior condition from Clare to being in the Live Demonstration was that she asked me to promise not to produce a cat to show her on the day. Immediately after this talk we continued her TFT session at her home for one hour. After wards Clare said that she was ready now to face a feline!

The next day Clare was at The Walled Garden Nursery on her own and by chance moved a flower pot and right there was a cat curled up asleep. She was amazed that instead of immediately fleeing she was able to continue her shopping as she felt fine!

In another example, Clare found that she was able to wait in a friend’s entrance lobby (with bare legs! she added) even though there were cats about and with the possibility of one of them brushing up against her. On previous occasions she would have waited outside nervously.

More recently I invited Clare to Hill House B&B, Market Hill. The owner, Sarenka Knight takes in many rescue cats and provides a Cat Hotel for people to leave their cats when on holiday.

Clare says “The TFT Session has given me the confidence or ability to rationalize a situation with a cat.” Clare was most grateful and more relaxed with her sense of control back and new found freedom from her previous irrational terror of cats.