Past Trauma Testimonials

Relationship trauma / negative emotions (four treatments)

“Recent affairs had blocked me. I was finding it difficult to move on. The sessions have been most helpful and supportive. The problem feels more distant.”


Past relationship trauma and divorce (4 hours)

“It’s like its gone out the back of my head! Tension has gone, my face feels light”


Anger and vindictiveness (1 hour)

“I feel sedated. I can’t be bothered to think about it”


Overcoming depression (several sessions)

“I would like it to be widely known how quietly impressed I am with Thought Field Therapy. After a lifetime of depression stemming from early mental & emotional traumas, I am perhaps for the first time experiencing a tranquility and well being never present before. TFT has made this possible. In its utter simplicity, this gentle, effective, non-intrusive technique has wrought a profound change. I am so happy to endorse it”. Daphne


Childhood trauma and other traumas (five treatments)

“TFT has had a difference. Very much so. I feel a lot clearer, mentally emotionally and energetically like something has finally been unblocked and released. Highly recommended.”


Guilt, shame and regret (four treatments)

“My life has changed around! Yesterday my job interview went fantastically well. I felt relaxed and optimistic. It’s so good to have my positive attitude back. Thank you.”


Traumatic divorce (two hours)

“Gone hazy-wrapped in cotton wool.” “feel fuzzy, weight lifted off back”


Female teenager – car accident (one hour)

A moment ago thinking about the accident she was upset, tearful and shaky, and now after the treatment – “It seems distant. I’m detached from it now. Thank you”.


Male client – trauma in hospital (one hour)

“I was so upset about that incident and now it is as if it has been placed way back on the horizon behind me…amazing!”


Past trauma (one hour and a quarter session)

Male client with past traumas of being bullied at age 4, boarding school at age 8, bad experience in prison, his divorce and present back pain. (Treatment 1¼ hr). I also showed him how to use TFT on himself for anxiety. The next day he told me:

“I feel really good, not tired any more, no pain, lighter. I haven’t felt this relaxed since I don’t know when! I’ve seen psychologists, been on medication, nothing like this before!”

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (two hours)

“A big difference I feel less scared and more confident. I had a number of nights without nightmares, which I have not had for 3 years.”

Past trauma testimonial letter (45 minutes)

With Thought Field Therapy we treated the past trauma and terror of the school teacher (which still made Lucy feel upset when thinking about him) until she was no longer upset by these memories.

I have suffered from psoriasis for the last 36 years. It started at the age of 11 when the school teacher I had terrified me as he constantly shouted at the class including myself. I used to be ill with worry and tried to avoid school at great lengths. This was definitely the trigger of my psoriasis. Shortly after the onset of the psoriasis I also suffered with rheumatoid arthritis.

I have been offered various treatments for my condition but have never been totally free from this. These have included ultra violet treatment which then gave me malignant melanoma on my right leg. I had the usual coal tar baths and various creams all to no avail. I have also carried out diets for psoriasis and tried homeopathy, reflexology, kinesiology and spiritual healing ( which did ease the condition at times). However in June this year I was shown how to do some Thought Field Therapy Tapping and since having carried this out my psoriasis is much better and has almost gone. Within approx. 2 weeks the skin was less red and the areas of psoriasis are just smooth and almost normal looking skin is where the patches were. 3 months later and the psoriasis is still hardly visible and whereas I have always had scalp psoriasis this too has virtually gone. I have not has this amount of success with any other treatment and for me this has been the greatest success.

7 months on, no reoccurrence of psoriasis