Other Testimonials

Comments and testimonials received by Dr. Callahan over the last 20 years

What’s fascinating about TFT is it’s quick, painless and its success rate is almost unbelievable… anywhere from 80-97%… which is really unheard of in the field of mental health in any type of treatment over this whole century.” Shad Meshad, President, National Veterans Foundation and Founder / Author of the National Veterans Centre Programme, USA.

“If it had been a horse race, which the investigators as well as the innovators were all at pains to deny, the TFT contingent would have won, hands down. Requiring virtually nothing in the way of personal interaction, TFT can bypass all that tedious therapeutic business of joining, empathy, history-taking, reprocessing and the like, and zero in on the problem immediately at hand. With 10 minute treatments not at all unusual…” Mary Sykes Wylie PhD, Senior Editor, The Family Therapy Networker (Jul/Aug 1996), reporting on a comparative trial of therapies for PTSD.

“TFT is extraordinarily powerful, in that clients receive nearly immediate relief from their suffering and the treatment appears to be permanent… it does not require the client to talk about their troubles, something that often causes more emotional pain and discourages many from seeking treatment… it is extremely efficient (fast and long lasting).” Charles Figley PhD, Professor and Director, Psychosocial Stress Research Program and Clinical Laboratory, Florida State University.

“Here we have patients and family members going through acute and chronic medical, surgical and psychiatric problems. I am using Callahan Techniques on a daily basis for rapid treatment of trauma of various kinds. These rapid treatments are far superior to traditional crisis intervention techniques in that the client / patient receives amelioration of the problem in minutes rather than days, weeks or months.” Dr. M. Marie Green, Clinical Social Worker, McKay-Dee Hospital, Ogden, Utah, USA.

“Dr. Callahan’s technique is one of the most revolutionary and helpful therapy procedures I have ever come across.” Dr. Gary Emery PhD, Co-author of “Anxiety Disorders and Phobias”</p>

“I find it exceedingly rapid and applicable to a wide variety of patients.” Dr. Patricia Carrington, Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry, Rutgers Medical School.

“It is beyond amazing. I have never seen any treatment so powerful.” Dr. Martin Swartz, Research Associate Professor, New York University Medical School.

“I have received ongoing feedback from many of the doctors and psychologists who have incorporated your techniques into their practice, and comments like ‘extraordinary success with the Callahan Techniques in my most chronic, difficult-to-treat cases…’ “ Dr. Lee Pulos, President, Canadian Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

“Using your technique I was able to help, in minutes, 10 nervous executives speak… (in public) …with no trace of their former fear.” Dr. Christopher Hegarty, Renowned and Award-winning Speaker / Trainer.

“I asked my problem patients to try your technique and in one week it has proven 100% successful for those who have used it.” David Kerchner, Hollywood Weight Loss Centre, Ellwood, Philadelphia, USA.