Severe neck and shoulder pain (five x two hour sessions)

Recommendation by physiotherapist after failure to ameliorate severe neck and shoulder pain. Pain thought to be caused by seemingly intractable emotional difficulties.

“For the first time in my life I have understood that I am as valuable, lovable, respect worthy as any one else. I hope and believe that years of self harming including Anorexia, determined suicide attempts and minor defacements (like a schoolboy keeping a ‘good scab going’) are at an end.

I do feel extremely positive and as a result I have been sorting out and letting go several bags of books and a lot of rubbish that has accumulated in my studio too. Suddenly caring for my home – as my outer skin – has seemed important. Thank you Val so much.”

Val notes: Now that the issues causing pain have been looked at and released using TFT she has been able to play her clarinet, paint & draw for longer periods and tackle some gardening.


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