Past trauma testimonial letter (45 minutes)

With Thought Field Therapy we treated the past trauma and terror of the school teacher (which still made Lucy feel upset when thinking about him) until she was no longer upset by these memories.

I have suffered from psoriasis for the last 36 years. It started at the age of 11 when the school teacher I had terrified me as he constantly shouted at the class including myself. I used to be ill with worry and tried to avoid school at great lengths. This was definitely the trigger of my psoriasis. Shortly after the onset of the psoriasis I also suffered with rheumatoid arthritis.

I have been offered various treatments for my condition but have never been totally free from this. These have included ultra violet treatment which then gave me malignant melanoma on my right leg. I had the usual coal tar baths and various creams all to no avail. I have also carried out diets for psoriasis and tried homeopathy, reflexology, kinesiology and spiritual healing ( which did ease the condition at times). However in June this year I was shown how to do some Thought Field Therapy Tapping and since having carried this out my psoriasis is much better and has almost gone. Within approx. 2 weeks the skin was less red and the areas of psoriasis are just smooth and almost normal looking skin is where the patches were. 3 months later and the psoriasis is still hardly visible and whereas I have always had scalp psoriasis this too has virtually gone. I have not has this amount of success with any other treatment and for me this has been the greatest success.

7 months on, no reoccurrence of psoriasis

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