Freedom from negative emotions (two hours)

My reason for having TFT was for emotions to be less disruptive in daily life. I feel much less angry and stress based. Sweet cravings have disappeared which helps my general mood. Very impressed as I only had one 2hr session.

Val is very clear and easy to talk to. She explained everything well. I felt relaxed and enjoyed the session. TFT Tapping easy to use in a crisis as simple and quick. Would recommend highly.

Past childhood traumas, car accident and emergency surgery. The effects have been incremental over time. Initially I simply felt happier and relived to be doing something positive about these traumas which were affecting me nowadays more than I realised. After a few weeks I became aware that I was feeling much more energetic, positive and enthusiastic about things generally, as though I had more freedom to do things and it was less of a struggle to achieve things and get things done. In effect it was a bit like having a weight lifted that I didn’t really know was there. It was a great feeling to acknowledge this to myself.

The aim was to get rid of negative stuff, destructive thoughts and feel better about my life.

Oh my goodness words fail me. She was so amazingly good. She listened didn’t judge, understood, and my word she helped me more than she realises.

I feel different about problems that to me were stuck. I had sorted a lot out in my head but just couldn’t let go of the past. I have kept a diary for 26 years, religiously done it. Today out of the blue I thought why? It is so negative and binding. I was very desperate for help, so glad I went to see Val.


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