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Using Kinesiology (muscle testing) it is straightforward to identify issues, blocks and weak links affecting our health or making our bodies unwell.  Using Thought Field Therapy ( TFT Tapping on meridian endings) we can hugely assist and speed up the process of acceptance and letting go of those issues and blocks on a profound level. 

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Every cell in our body, of which we have trillions, holds intelligence, information and memory. Too often, we think of our bodies as machines that help us keep going, instead of honouring them as divine expressions of our wondrous universe and the source of loving presence that allows us to fully engage in our lives.

How and what do you think of your body?
Do you mainly love or hate your body?
Are you listening to its messages?
What emotions are you holding onto that are trapped in your body?

If there is inflammation, infection, swelling, heat, or any condition that ends in “itis” such as arthritis, sinusitis, conjunctivitis, emotionally there is anger, rage, and irritation.

If your body is in pain what is it telling you? What is the emotional component of this cry for help? It might be the distress of rejection, abandonment, separation, loss or past traumas.  Any issue with your body is showing you where you are out of alignment with your potential for holistic health.

Our miraculous bodies naturally move towards homeostasis, balance and self-healing. Interference from toxins in the environment, foods and drinks we have ingested, or things inhaled make for congestion and sap our energy.

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