Detailed Thought Field Therapy (TFT) testimonial letter from Client. July 2008

I had been suffering from work related stress and anxiety caused by what initially appeared to be my mother’s cancer diagnosis. Over several years this anxiety/stress manifested itself into severe pains in the left rib cage and depression. For over a year I had been attending my G.P and who was unable to find a cause, numerous blood tests and scans revealed no abnormalities. Eventually diagnosed with depression I was prescribed anti-depressants and sleeping tablets. All of which had no positive effects. I had begun to see Val for Shiatsu which helped enormously. She suggested that I also tried some TFT and although very sceptical at the time I was willing to give it a try and must say how very glad I am that I did. Simple fears that had plagued me for years such as fear of hospitals and long car journeys disappeared in one session and although at the time I hadn’t really noticed a shift it was when I found myself in a one of these situations I suddenly became aware that I had not experienced any anxiety running up to that event or during.

A more complicated issue I had was related to a personal relationship which was connected to an event which happened way back in my teens; when we began tapping I became very emotional but I did not want to stop we continued tapping and as we did I began to feel this huge weight almost being dragged up through my body which was then followed by a feeling of peace and relief. I can only really describe it as a feeling of being exorcised. Although I still occasionally suffer from the rib pain it has changed from a fairly debilitating pain to a slight pain which comes and goes.

I am extremely grateful to Val, I no longer suffer with any of the anxieties which she treated and am relatively pain free; I feel like my life is beginning to get back on track. More recently she has given me a huge amount of strength through TFT to cope with what is now one of the biggest challenges a parent could ever face.


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