Comments from clients after 1 or 2 sessions of TFT treating anxiety, tension and stress

“I’m feeling better in my body, much better mentally-more positive”.

“Weird! All gone. I cannot even relate to the upset now”

“I feel released and really good. Just fine about it now”

“Bizarre! It feels as if it’s been chucked miles behind me on the horizon! Considerably diluted. Picture now fuzzy” “I feel no intensity anymore”

“I can hardly remember it now – I feel no more upset at all”

“If I feel stressed at all I can use the TFT sequence and it helps greatly. Impressive! Highly recommended.”

“It still seems a weird technique, but definitely helpful”

“these TFT sessions have really been good for me. Still not sure how or why, but I needed to do something!! Thank you for all your help. I’ll continue using the tapping sequence for anxiety. I’m not connecting with these negative thoughts any longer”.

“I’m feeling more relaxed and calmer. Much better. The tapping really helps!”

“When thinking about the problem I no longer feel upset””the tapping sequence works well to reduce anxiety with immediate effect”

“The treatments made an instant difference in that I was able to take control of my anxiety. They didn’t necessarily put me to sleep, however they did take away the worry of not sleeping. I was able to lie awake until the early hours of the morning without fretting. I was still tired, but I was very much less anxious and I felt calmer in myself. I was hugely impressed with TFT and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others. As a profoundly anxious person, it was a revelation to discover something that made me feel so calm. For financial reasons I only had two treatments, I still use the sequence daily”.

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