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Using Kinesiology (muscle testing) it is straightforward to identify issues, blocks and weak links affecting our health or making our bodies unwell.  Using Thought Field Therapy ( TFT Tapping on meridian endings) we can hugely assist and speed up the process of acceptance and letting go of those issues and blocks on a profound level. 

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Every cell in our body, of which we have trillions, holds intelligence, information and memory. Too often, we think of our bodies as machines that help us keep going, instead of honouring them as divine expressions of our wondrous universe and the source of loving presence that allows us to fully engage in our lives.

How and what do you think of your body?
Do you mainly love or hate your body?
Are you listening to its messages?
What emotions are you holding onto that are trapped in your body?

If there is inflammation, infection, swelling, heat, or any condition that ends in “itis” such as arthritis, sinusitis, conjunctivitis, emotionally there is anger, rage, and irritation.

If your body is in pain what is it telling you? What is the emotional component of this cry for help? It might be the distress of rejection, abandonment, separation, loss or past traumas.  Any issue with your body is showing you where you are out of alignment with your potential for holistic health.

Our miraculous bodies naturally move towards homeostasis, balance and self-healing. Interference from toxins in the environment, foods and drinks we have ingested, or things inhaled make for congestion and sap our energy.

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SELF CARE – We need to look after ourselves first!



We often have a tendency to look after others and neglect ourselves. We have our car serviced and MOT checked. What about our physical body, our mental health, our emotional well being, our spiritual connection, are we fulfilling our highest good, our life purpose?

As women, particularly wives, and mothers even more so, we tend to be driven by a desire to look after everyone else, to the detriment of looking after ourselves. The thing is, when we’re in tip top condition, we are in a much better place to be able to help others. Think of a plane that gets into difficulties and the oxygen masks drop down. We’re instructed to put our own mask on before we help anyone else put theirs on, even our kids. If we pass out, we’re not then in a position to help anyone else.

Do you think about health maintenance?

What about keeping well to minimise the chances of a health crisis?

Ask yourself this: “What does my body need in order to be healthy?”

*Quit smoking

*Relaxation and meditation

*Some more exercise, movement, time to stretch

*Healthy eating, lose weight

*Move house

*Work on abusive relationships

*Accept help and support

*Release emotional baggage –resentment, toxic guilt, shame, anxieties

*More joy!

*Make myself the priority!!!! At least don’t put myself at the bottom of the list!

I’m inviting you to come for an introductory and exploratory initial session to discuss your individual needs, issues, messages from your body, from your environment, your relationships and from your life. Together we can set the priorities and plan a course of action with the focus being on SELF CARE.

I use a combination of techniques and exercises from Kinesiology, Thought Field Therapy (TFT Tapping), Bach Flower Remedies, NLP, Psych-k and Shiatsu body massage.

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Thought Field Therapy (TFT) Tapping Points

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) can help you overcome fears, anxieties, phobias and addictions and dissolve anything that’s blocking you. In this video, Val demonstrates the Tapping points, shows where they are on the body and how to Tap.

TFT can be used to overcome and or deal with any problem that arises.

To out how TFT can benefit you please see video

Thought Field Therapy Collarbone Breathing

Use this collarbone breathing exercise to clear your mind if you’re feeling overwhelmed or off-balance or there’s a lot going on in your mind. It’s very good for clearing the space, feeling more centered and balanced and it’s very calming and relaxing, so it’s a wonderful exercise to do before you’re giving a presentation, or if you’re just feeling there’s too much going on generally. As I say, it’s very calming and relaxing.

I sometimes recommend this to people if they’re having difficulty getting to sleep. You could do it while you’re laying back in bed or if you wake up in the night. Stay horizontal and don’t worry too much about which point you’re tapping on, just do this process.

Introduction to Thought Field Therapy (TFT)

Hello and welcome. I’m Val and I’m based at Framfield Medical Centre in Woodbridge, Suffolk. Sharing TFT is part of my mission. I feel that everyone should know and receive benefit from this simple, safe, effective and user-friendly technique, which involves tapping on meridian endings or acupuncture points. I know it’s a strange thing to do, but invariably it works. It’s amazing. Let’s go inside.

How We Block Ourselves

As electro-magnetic energy systems, we have polarity: positive and negative. We feel out of sorts or absolutely awful if our poles are reversed; if our positive pole is negative. We might feel tired, grumpy, but the problem is, we don’t know why we are because it is a state of self-sabotage. We call this reversal of the poles psychological reversal. It’s actually very common; whether it’s the whole energetic field that’s reversed or whether it’s letting go of that specific issue that’s blocked or reversed. By tapping on specific points, it’s quite easily corrected.

Benefits of Thought Field Therapy (TFT)

TFT  can be used to deactivate negative thoughts and unwanted emotions. You can get rid of fears, phobias and anxieties, dissolve traumas;  such as accident, injury, shock, upset, whether remembered or subconscious. It can also be used to overcome addictions and change habits. As well as being used to overcome negative emotions and patterns, TFT can also be used to establish and reinforce positive habits and increase success in all areas of your life.

Testimonial for TFTVal from Tom Newman of Summer Isle Films

“During sleep two or three times a week I would wake up in a panic feeling like I was choking and having extreme trouble swallowing. This had been happening for several years, but after one TFT session it has never happened again, that was 5 months ago. I now go to sleep at night and not even think or worry about waking up with this horrible feeling.” Tom Newman – Director of Summer Isle Films

Overcoming Fear of Speaking with TFT

Based at Framfield Medical Centre, TFT Therapist,  Val Chater uses tapping to help people overcome their fears and phobias and move on to lead successful and fulfilling lives. Through using technology such as Skype, Val is able to assist people all over the world.

Carol* came to see Val for help overcoming her fear of speaking.  Before going to see Val, Carol said that she felt very anxious and fearful.

“I have many fears that limit my life and I am always very anxious. I had Selective Mutism for many years – that is an anxiety disorder related to speaking in some specific situations. I feel other anxieties; some of them very strong – all of them are related to people.

“It is like there is like a monster inside me that kills me when I need to talk and I don’t want to talk. I think I don’t want to talk because I am afraid of something.”

Carol had experienced this since she was a young child. Carol’s problems continued into her teens and adult life. Finally, she had some therapy but found herself unable to talk.

“Every time I tried to talk I felt ridiculous, stupid and that what I was saying was worthless,” says Carol.  It took her a year before she said anything and then she spent another year just saying one or two sentences per session. She describes that time as “a terrible nightmare stage of life.”

When Carol heard about TFT therapy with Val, she decided to try it out. During the sessions, they tapped to break the pattern of fear, including tapping to release the pattern of anxiety absorbed and inherited from both her mother and her father. They tapped for Carol to be more calm, confident and relaxed and for her to be more heart centered (more loving and less afraid) in future relationships. Carol indicated her wish to stop running away and her intention to move forward and be more proactive.

Finally, Carol said that she felt relieved and like a massive weight had been lifted off  her. Val and Carol completed the therapy by tapping to confirm and believe that it was done!

Carol noted that during the sessions she could feel the tension releasing.

“I had many insights about the connection between fears and anxieties. I found it very useful that Val was using Kinesiology to distinguish my real fears from the fears that I thought I might have and just treat the real ones… I felt a very deep relief, as if the weight over my body was all pushed out.

“I noticed some transformations in my life, such as deciding to speak more often instead of shutting up like I always do; be in social situations more often; some tension relief with people that I was afraid of; less willing to run from fearful situations. I feel deep gratitude for all the care I received from Val.”

When Val text Carol to arrange another session, she received the following reply: “I feel very well because I am talking with everybody at the moment and saying what I want to say. I don’t think I need another session!  Thank you for all your wonderful work on me”.

If you have a fear of speaking or any other phobia that you would like to overcome, please contact Val on 07775 600230.

* not her real name

Stress Buster Day at Seckford Hall

We recently held another one of our Stress Buster days at Seckford Hall, in conjunction with laughter yoga practitioner and acupuncturist,  Ali Basil. It was a gorgeous, sunny autumnal day and Seckford Hall in Woodbridge, Suffolk provided the perfect venue. The event was held in a function room overlooking the beautiful gardens, which offered a stunning backdrop to the proceedings.

The event was attended by 17 delegates and included sessions on tapping, also known as Thought Field Therapy, (TFT) for stress, fear, pattern breaking and pattern setting, Ali’s trauma release exercise (TRE), laughter yoga and auricular acupuncture.

Ali describes Laughter Yoga as, “a unique concept where anyone can laugh as a form of exercise in a group, soon turns into real & spontaneous laughter.”

Some of the attendees made the following comments:

“I really enjoyed the Stress Buster day. I’ve been working with Val for some time now and TFT has transformed my life. I had a huge realisation during the event as it dawned on me that literally every time I have a problem or every time I’m feeling ill or upset, it can be solved with TFT. Val and Ali are wonderful. They are kind, loving, supportive and fun.  It was a fantastic event that I would highly recommend to others. There is something for everyone.” – Samantha Brook

“I wanted to thank you and Ali again for such a brilliant Stress Buster day Part 2!  – I felt completely relaxed, clear minded and in control when I arrived home at the end of the day. It was great to learn some new techniques from Ali, complimented by your Thought Field Therapy sessions, which never fail to amaze me. Thank You!” – Diane Aldous

“I am most impressed. ‘A truly informative and wonderful day’. Val and Ali’s approach was very clear and concise and they made us feel most welcome. Thank you so much for all the help” – Patricia

“Val and Ali complement each other well. A fantastic duo” – Dorothy

We will be holding our next Stress Buster day on Saturday May 28th. Val promises, “An opportunity for you to release stress, tension and anxiety in a most enjoyable way. Laughter guaranteed!”

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