Messages from the body

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Using Kinesiology (muscle testing) it is straightforward to identify issues, blocks and weak links affecting our health or making our bodies unwell.  Using Thought Field Therapy ( TFT Tapping on meridian endings) we can hugely assist and speed up the process of acceptance and letting go of those issues and blocks on a profound level. 

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Every cell in our body, of which we have trillions, holds intelligence, information and memory. Too often, we think of our bodies as machines that help us keep going, instead of honouring them as divine expressions of our wondrous universe and the source of loving presence that allows us to fully engage in our lives.

How and what do you think of your body?
Do you mainly love or hate your body?
Are you listening to its messages?
What emotions are you holding onto that are trapped in your body?

If there is inflammation, infection, swelling, heat, or any condition that ends in “itis” such as arthritis, sinusitis, conjunctivitis, emotionally there is anger, rage, and irritation.

If your body is in pain what is it telling you? What is the emotional component of this cry for help? It might be the distress of rejection, abandonment, separation, loss or past traumas.  Any issue with your body is showing you where you are out of alignment with your potential for holistic health.

Our miraculous bodies naturally move towards homeostasis, balance and self-healing. Interference from toxins in the environment, foods and drinks we have ingested, or things inhaled make for congestion and sap our energy.

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SELF CARE – We need to look after ourselves first!



We often have a tendency to look after others and neglect ourselves. We have our car serviced and MOT checked. What about our physical body, our mental health, our emotional well being, our spiritual connection, are we fulfilling our highest good, our life purpose?

As women, particularly wives, and mothers even more so, we tend to be driven by a desire to look after everyone else, to the detriment of looking after ourselves. The thing is, when we’re in tip top condition, we are in a much better place to be able to help others. Think of a plane that gets into difficulties and the oxygen masks drop down. We’re instructed to put our own mask on before we help anyone else put theirs on, even our kids. If we pass out, we’re not then in a position to help anyone else.

Do you think about health maintenance?

What about keeping well to minimise the chances of a health crisis?

Ask yourself this: “What does my body need in order to be healthy?”

*Quit smoking

*Relaxation and meditation

*Some more exercise, movement, time to stretch

*Healthy eating, lose weight

*Move house

*Work on abusive relationships

*Accept help and support

*Release emotional baggage –resentment, toxic guilt, shame, anxieties

*More joy!

*Make myself the priority!!!! At least don’t put myself at the bottom of the list!

I’m inviting you to come for an introductory and exploratory initial session to discuss your individual needs, issues, messages from your body, from your environment, your relationships and from your life. Together we can set the priorities and plan a course of action with the focus being on SELF CARE.

I use a combination of techniques and exercises from Kinesiology, Thought Field Therapy (TFT Tapping), Bach Flower Remedies, NLP, Psych-k and Shiatsu body massage.

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Cat phobia demo at Framfield Medical Centre, Woodbridge

Clare kindly and willingly agreed to let me begin to treat her for her extreme phobia of cats as a demonstration in front of those who came along to my Thought Field Therapy Presentation on April 29th ’09 at Framfield Medical Centre.

Previously Clare would refuse to go inside a friend’s house if they had a cat. At restaurants Clare would worry constantly that they might have a cat. Eating outside, if she spotted a cat in a distant field she would have to leave the restaurant table being no longer able to eat and feeling nauseous. The only prior condition from Clare to being in the Live Demonstration was that she asked me to promise not to produce a cat to show her on the day. Immediately after this talk we continued her TFT session at her home for one hour. After wards Clare said that she was ready now to face a feline!

The next day Clare was at The Walled Garden Nursery on her own and by chance moved a flower pot and right there was a cat curled up asleep. She was amazed that instead of immediately fleeing she was able to continue her shopping as she felt fine!

In another example, Clare found that she was able to wait in a friend’s entrance lobby (with bare legs! she added) even though there were cats about and with the possibility of one of them brushing up against her. On previous occasions she would have waited outside nervously.

More recently I invited Clare to Hill House B&B, Market Hill. The owner, Sarenka Knight takes in many rescue cats and provides a Cat Hotel for people to leave their cats when on holiday.

Clare says “The TFT Session has given me the confidence or ability to rationalize a situation with a cat.” Clare was most grateful and more relaxed with her sense of control back and new found freedom from her previous irrational terror of cats.

Overcoming depression (several sessions)

“I would like it to be widely known how quietly impressed I am with Thought Field Therapy. After a lifetime of depression stemming from early mental & emotional traumas, I am perhaps for the first time experiencing a tranquility and well being never present before. TFT has made this possible. In its utter simplicity, this gentle, effective, non-intrusive technique has wrought a profound change. I am so happy to endorse it”. Daphne